I just wanted to say that your presentation was amazing today. I was with my boyfriend afterwards when he walked up to you. ( I was the one that was also in a very serious car accident.) You had my eyes watering when you were talking about how you mother told you she wanted to take your pain away, mainly, because those are the exact same words my mom told me as I was laying in a hospital bed with all kinds of machines attached to my body. I've never met someone else who has survived something as tragic and what I experienced, but your doing a great thing talking to teenagers about it. It was so great to meet you and hear your story because I knew exactly where you were coming from.

thanks so much again :)
Nikki. ♥


Thank You very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come share your story. Your story touched me and made me rethink the way my life was going and I've tried changing a few things, and it seems to be working in my favor. I will never forget you. You're an amazing person and I thank you for all the inspiration and maybe we will run into each other again.

Thank you so much for coming to Castle. It really had a huge impact. I am guilty of thinking I am invincible and i have done the same thing. It has made me think to quit drinking for good and make better choices. Without you I
dont know where I would be. Probably on the side a road like you were. You have honestly saved my life and i just cant thank you enough.



I admire you! You are an incredible person and the world is lucky to have you alive. Your story has impacted me greatly.


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