Because of you showing up today at WP-B school listening to you talk made me have more confidence in my and how I look and feel about myself. And I learned no matter what peoples say about you on the outside the most important thing is on the inside, that’s what counts the most, it’s what you think not others. Because of you I can proudly say that. Thank you.


I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. I lost one of my best friends in a drunk driving accident and people around me still try to do it. I don't know what it takes for people to finally realize their not invincible but thank you so much for trying to help them see. You were awesome last night.
- Megan Rearden


Your presentation tonight was so powerful. It was so eye opening and I am very happy I got to see it. Thank you for your time tonight, I wish I had gone up to talk to you. I hope that you have a blessed trip to other schools across the country.


I really appreciate you coming into school and telling us your story. If you remember me, I'm the one who said to call up a taxi if you can't drive, well when I got home that day I put a taxi number in my phone. Your speech really got me thinking about the mistakes I've made and I hope I don't make them again. Like I said, I really appreciate what you did and I hope you can travel to other schools to speak to other kids.
- Marshall



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